Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not for the faint of heart

This idea seemed a lot more simple in my imagination than it was to pull off. It turned out pretty funky though.
Simply part the hair in a 2, 3, 2 system.
Comb it smooth and tie off the first 2 sections with tiny elastics (I like to buy these at family dollar because they are super cheap)
The trick to making this hairstyle a little more unique is tying the hair in a knot. Once it's in the elastic just tie it around itself and take it back to the next level.
The hardest part was getting the knots to stay in while I worked on the next section. Once they are connected to the next part they stayed great.
For the final 2 knots I pinned them down with a bobby pin.
Let me know if you try this one out, what you thought, and if more detailed instructions would help.

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daiseymae said...

I've done this to my daughters hair before only I made it a little easier by using a topsey tail to do the knots. With that all you do is take a small amount of hair from the pony ( I take from the bottom) and wrap it around two times. Then you use the topsey tail to pull the wrapped portion back through the undernieth side of the elastic. It's way easy and stays put until you want it out.

I love the topsey tail tool. I never thought I would use it until someone gave me one and now I use it all the time It saves a lot of headache for me.