Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not for the faint of heart

This idea seemed a lot more simple in my imagination than it was to pull off. It turned out pretty funky though.
Simply part the hair in a 2, 3, 2 system.
Comb it smooth and tie off the first 2 sections with tiny elastics (I like to buy these at family dollar because they are super cheap)
The trick to making this hairstyle a little more unique is tying the hair in a knot. Once it's in the elastic just tie it around itself and take it back to the next level.
The hardest part was getting the knots to stay in while I worked on the next section. Once they are connected to the next part they stayed great.
For the final 2 knots I pinned them down with a bobby pin.
Let me know if you try this one out, what you thought, and if more detailed instructions would help.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Contest Winners

Thanks everyone for your submissions. We hope you enjoy the ideas we've selected to share!

Krysta's Directions:
Ask your little darling to hang their head over upside down. This can be done by having them go hands and knees, or simply bend over. The fun part for us is seeing what new way she comes up with each time to get her head in the right place! Start a regular french braid from the neck up. (Warning!!! May be challenging if you are a beginning braider! Can really try the patience of both child and hairdresser if this is so!) End the braid at the crown of the head. Have the child flip the head over and pull the remaining hair into the ponytail. Can be finished off by simply curling the ends of the ponytail under, or curling individual pieces, as shown. Those with longer hair can pin up the curled pieces into more of a messy bun. This is fun for casual day at town or dressed up for that special occasion. Of course, Chloe Reese Hair Accessories also help to make the occasion!! :0)

Tiffany's Directions:
Brush hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. twist
ponytail and tie into a knot around elastic. Use bobby pins to secure
and curl or finger comb the hair coming out of the center. These
pictures are of one ponytail but you can do piggy tails too.

Kara's Directions:
First separate the hair into 5 different elastics in the front
Then on the next row do the same thing but include half of one of the first rows pony tails in each new pony tail
With the last row just take half of each of the second row to make a new pony tail. Then make on big 4th pony tail with all of the 3rd row. Or with all the hair that's left if you want